Kontakt 7: Custom libraries import fails with many libs

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After moving to a different system, I gave up on Quickload (the external SSD has a different name, and I cannot rename it; and I didn't find a batch-resave to change all the symbolic links :-( ).

Anyway, so I thought I try to import everything as custom libraries in the new browser (via the cog wheel option). This works... kind of. However, a lot of these come up with an error that the NKIs are incompatible, so I cannot import them, and I also do not get a new entry in the list. (For example, most of the Rhythmic Robot libraries). The NKIs seem to be o.k., though, and load just fine from the finder. Any idea why this happens, and what to do here? It would be nice to get my thousands of NKIs directly in Kontakt again (and searchable!). Thx!


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    O.k., I answer this myself: A batch resave solves the problem. (Still odd, in a way, as these were proper NKIs, but seemingly, too old for K7.)

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