Instruments and articulations in Session Percussionist?

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This instrument looks really good.

Is there a list of all the instruments and articulations that are included? Usually you'd find this in the manual - but I don't see it anywhere in the manual or on the web site.

That doesn't mean that it's not there, of course ;)


John B



  • manfex
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    I didn't find it in the manual, or anywhere else either. It's weird that there is no list of instruments anywhere. I also have a hunch that the 58 instruments are actually only 16 different instruments but multiple versions of each

  • jbraner
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    Yeah - that's still enough but it would be good to know.

    Also - it looks like you only get 5 articulations for each "instrument", but for congas and bongos, an "instrument" is really two instruments (a high and a low) - so that's not really a lot. It's not clear how the sub articulations work, or if the 5 articulations are in addition to what's already in the "pattern".

    I really want to like this, but just want to be sure what I'm getting myself into. ;)

  • jbraner
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    OK - I read through the manual and it seems that for each of the 5 main articulations there are a few sub articulations. So for each note you can pick which one to use.

    This gives a lot more options, so I'm definiitely interested now. I think I'm going to get this ;)

  • nobadmojo
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    I agree..looks like only 16 instruments but a huge number of ways to manipulate them. That's fine for those who like to find 200 ways to make a shaker sound. ::) I would much prefer a lot more instruments with less manipulation. NI already had these sounds seems to me..this is just even more ways to chop them up.

    A whole library of secondary instruments (not necessarily percussion) is what I would love in NKS know..need a harmonica ? about a Juice harp, didgeridoo? with just enough articulations to make them sound convincing but not so many to make it all confusing

  • jbraner
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    Not me - I like fewer instruments with more articulations ;-)

    Try the UVI Percussion Factory if you want more instruments and less articulations.

  • Kaiwan_NI
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    Hi all, happy to let you know that a list of all instruments is now added to the Session Percussionist page. It's in the "At a glance" section.

  • jbraner
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    Thanks for the instrument list.

    I really like this library - I'll use it a lot! ;)

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