Kontakt 7.7: Switching to Single View closes the whole surface

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I experience a bug:

using the new Kontakt 7.7 inside Komplete Kontrol (standalone) on a Mac Mini M1. The bug appears when loading any Kontakt instrument. Switching to Edit View (cmd + 3), then clicking on the Instrument Icon, then clicking anywhere on the instruments surface closes the whole surface. After that I can not get back to the normal view. I then have to reload the Kontakt instrument in Komplete Kontrol. In Kontakt 7.7 standalone it works fine.

Ok, it seems only in Single View it is as described - in Rack View it works fine.

Here 2 screenshots:



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    from the screenshots it looks like you have switch to the next (empty) instrument slot somehow

    look at the top middle in the Kontakt Toolbar there are small up/down arrows, these switch to the next instrument slot (as you can load multiple instruments at once in Kontakt and fokus on either of them

    so you problem should be fixed by hitting the up arrow in the top middle of the Kontakt toolbar

    still wondering how you got there with just clicking the intrument icon, which would normally just remove the performance view of the current instrument but keep its header

    please try to repeat the issue by just clicking the instrument icon ... might be a bug if it switches to the next (empty) slot in this case

    I could imagine that you might have a MK3 keyboard connected and you hit the prev/next Slot buttons there ? these are the first two button on top of the displays

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    Thank you for your answer!

    Yes I can hit the up arrow, then the instrument comes back BUT clikcing anywhere on the instruments surface the instrument disappears again and it looks empty like in the second screenshot...

    I don't have the Kontrol S MK3 Keyboard, yet. This behaviour might not be an issue using that Keyboard. This issue appeared while using the standalone Komplete Kontrol with the latest 7.7 Kontakt loaded.

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