Is there a way to ⭐ favorite Libraries/Folders and sort them further?

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I'm on Kontakt 7.7. Is there a way I can ⭐ the Libraries/Folders in the LIBRARY view on the left side? I like being able to favorite individual presets (patches).

I'm trying to figure out if K7 has an altogether better path for this... is there one? I've historically used QuickLoad, but that could be get tricky to "unfavorite" or sort later.

I know I can filter BY clicking a folder and then searching. But I want to go beyond folder hierarchy... and see favorites that share a theme, regardless of folder.

Ideally I'd like a way where I could not just star presets, but also GROUP those favorites, like by instrument type, or by project, and so on. So kind of like QuickLoad folders, but better.

I notice VIEW Menu > Quick-Load does NOT show up in LIBRARY view, so it seems like this may be relegated to the "old way of doing things" but I ask to learn.

What would come closest to what I'm looking for?


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    Sadly, you cannot 'favoritise' your patches with the OG Kontakt View.

    But you can rename that patch with any name you want.

    Speaking from experience, I needed the perfect tone for death metal guitar, so I changed the tone with eq inside the patch, added some effects inside it, and boom, just rename it and then you can just close and then reopen the library section, problem solved (Transformers Prime reference btw).

    Anyways, I hope this helps.

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