Kontakt 5 Not Auto-Migrating

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I've seen this topic in a few places but haven't found a resolution for my case, and I'd be surprised if this isn't happening to other folks.

I have a batch of Logic projects that use Kontakt 5, which according to the article "Notes about Auto-Migration of Kontakt Versions in DAW Projects" should auto-migrate to Kontakt 7 when I open them.

Instead I get an error, "The plug-in named “Kontakt 5” isn’t available on your system."

Kontakt 7 is definitely installed, as is Kontakt 6 in case I needed a "stepping stone" of sorts. Neither option worked.

I also tried to install Kontakt 5, but the install fails, since Kontakt 5 isn't supported beyond macOS 13.0 (See article: Kontakt (Player) Legacy Installers for Older Operating Systems), and I am on 14.0.

There's got to be some kind of solution, right? What am I missing?

PS. I'd have posted article links, but the community guidelines won't let me since I'm a new user…Sorry about it.


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    Albeit not ideal, I've found a solution. Turns out Kontakt 5 did install, which allowed me to open the projects using K5 without issue and migrate the instruments one-by-one into K7. Using snapshots helped speed this along.

    One option that did not work for me but may for others is to disable K5 in the plug-ins manager and reload the project.

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    Kinda of amazed that any of this worked since almost no NI plugins are supported under Sonoma.


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    Migration definitely does work as has been confirmed, with Logic 10.7.1 and above IIRC. I think (don't quote me on that) that the trick is that you have to have ONLY Kontakt 7 installed, if it finds any earlier version also installed it might not work.

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