Massive import old user presets - name changes not updating and Bankname list

Oceansa Member Posts: 3 Newcomer

I imported some old user presets in to Massive (original) Massive>File>Import etc there are a couple of problems.

1 - Before I did the above I changed some of the names of the presets expecting them to be updated. They remained the same, how can they be changed, by resaving them?

2 - The presets don't appear in the Bankname section list in the Browser section, they appear in the File Browser (when SOUNDS is yellow). The problem is everything else is here (Every expansion, those extra Massive libraries(massive threat, Exp2, Urban arsenal etc)) and all the main folders are open.

Is this where they are supposed to be and not in the Bankname list (which is much easier to navigate)

Thanks Again!


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