How do I use glaze when it says that my kontakt 7 needs an update?

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Hi, I’m using a PC I have a kontakt seven that I just updated and when I tried to use the glaze library, it won’t open because it says my kontakt 7 version is too old. But I have the 7.6.1 version I mean I just bought the update and it’s saying that I can’t use it. I bought komplete 14 standard because I thought it was already going to come with glaze on it, and I was going to be able to use it freely but it’s not working. I currently have Kontakt 6 version 6.8.0. I don’t know if that has anything to do with it. Can you tell me what to do? I’ve tried everything.



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    If you are getting ANY messages indicating a Kontakt instrument is too old - this (most likely) has nothing to do with Kontakt 7 - you are most likely trying to open Glaze using K6.8.0 - and while that WAS good in K6 a while ago - Glaze is now updated to only be used in Kontakt 7.6.x or higher.

    Glaze was updated in Sept 2023 to be ready for the Kontrol Series MKIII keyboards and only works with K7 now (unless you do a rollback)

    Please detail exactly which instrument you are launching and a screencap of the error message.


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    @Walter80 It could also be a plugin administration issue. Click on the NI logo in the Kontakt window when loaded as a plug-in in your DAW, does it show the same version as the standalone Kontakt?

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