Utopia not showing in Kontakt 6

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I just bought Duets and Utopia together and installed them together. They both show up in Kontakt 7 Player, fine. But I have a version of Komplete which includes Kontakt 6 (and have built a template for it) where Utopia does not show up - BUT Duets does!

In Kontakt 6, I have tried adding Utopia via the database but it still doesn't appear as a library and I get a "content missing" message - although I know that the content is there because I can play it in Kontakt 7.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance!


  • Vocalpoint
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    Both Duets AND Utopia require Kontakt 7.15 or higher.

    Not entirely sure why you can see one and not the other.

    Then again - "seeing" is one thing but can you actually "use" Duets in K6?


  • JHHB
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    Ah, thank you - I did suspect something like that. I'll check out about Duets, I didn't try that.

    Many thanks

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