Older Libraries appearing in Kontakt 7 Side Pane but not in new Browser

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I recently upgraded from Kontakt 6 to 7, and some older instruments are not showing in the new browser - specifically, the instruments "Galaxy Vintage D" and "VI.One" are not appearing in the new Kontakt 7 browser (nor the Komplete Kontrol browser) even though they are licensed, are shown as installed in Native Access, and appear on the older side pane of Kontakt 7.

I've done the Batch Re-save thing on them, but when I try to add them manually, the browser says they are already installed (but it doesn't show them).

There might be other instruments doing this as well, but those are the two I've noticed. Any words of wisdom out there?



  • Vocalpoint
    Vocalpoint Member Posts: 539 Pro

    Many older libraries are not K7 complaint - as they do not feature a specific file set that allows the standard browser tiles, graphics and other xml type stuff that we see with a modern K7 library.

    I think it may start with the lack of a standard "nicnt" file or some other specific element and unless the vendor can supply an updated installer that meets the K7 standards - you may be out of luck.


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