Guitar Rig + Windows Sound --> Output to same device?

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I play the guitar as a hobby but I have 0 experience with audio processing.

Recently I bought a Behringer UMC22 audio interface to connect electric my guitar to the PC. I am using ASIO4All driver and Guitar Rig 6 Player for adding effects, and I can get the processed audio back onto my headphones (connected to the same audio interface). That part is working (although missing some fine-tuning - eliminating noise etc).

Now I'd like to add on top of that some tracks coming from my computer (Guitar Pro etc) to practice with other instruments. How can I achieve this? When the Asio4All driver is not active (e.g. Guitar Rig not open), I can get the audio coming from Windows into the headphones connected to the audio interface, but when the Asio4All driver is activated it stops working. I read somewhere this is a "design feature, not a bug" due to low latency requirements / bypassing Windows for that, etc. But is there no way to get audio coming from Windows + the guitar effects going into the same output device? I am sure I'm not the first trying to do this, so how do you do?

Thanks for the attention and sorry for the noob question (I'm sure it's pretty simple to solve but I couldn't figure out how... and I'm sure there's a proper name to doing this but I couldn't find out either)



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    first of all:

    I don't know that specific audio interface, but please check if there is a dedicated ASIO driver be Behringer for it. I have a Behringer UMC404HD and it has its own ASIO driver. If it has, preferrably use that one!

    Next point:

    If you search audio settings in the system settings, choose additional settings and on the device settings click on the "extended" tab (might be called something similar in english, I am translating this from the german labels) you will find a checkbox which either enables or disables "exclusive usage" of the audio device. You want to disable exclusive usage. That way the individual applications do not bunker access to your audio device.

    Next point:

    If you have a DAW, you might have a track with your backing music and another with the Guitar Rig plugin set to monitoring "on". That way, both signals can be heard and they are sent to only one audio out!

    Next point:

    Guitar Rig has a global "Tape" section which enables playing along to a soundfile, if that is what you are trying to do. It looks pretty awesome (never used it myself) as it allows transposing and changing tempo.

    Does any of this help?

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    Thanks a lot for the fast reply! I wasn't aware of this setting in the system settings. I'll give it a try in the next couple of days and let you know if it worked

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    I tried the solution of disabling the exclusive access to the audio device. I found out the option and disabled the exclusive access, but still no luck. Either Guitar Rig works OR the windows sound. Not both at the same time. Strange.

    What I'd like to accomplish at the end is to have the audio from my browser (I used the paid version of for the backing track) AND the audio from Guitar Rig both being output to the microphone attached to the audio interface. I must be missing something silly because I don't think think this is such an extraordinary use case .. (or is it?)

    Finally, the driver recommended by Behringer is the ASIO4All for my device. Just double-checked ..

    In the solution about using the DAW + backing track, can I achieve what I am trying to achieve? could you elaborate a bit?

    Thanks again for the support so far

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    You can sort of achieve this using FlexASIO It's a similar tool to ASIO4ALL. You'll need to set it up to use WASAPI and make sure that exclusive mode is disabled.

    The problem I had with it was that the latency was unbearable. I ended up ditching FlexASIO and buying a cheapish set of computer speakers to plug directly into audio interface instead, so that Windows and the interface had independent speakers to output to. Then you can set up Guitar Rig to use the ASIO driver from the audio interface and it'll output via the cheap speakers and Windows can use the computer's sound card to output to your main speakers.

    Not ideal for everyone, but it works well enough for me.

  • Murat Kayi
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    being output to the microphone attached to the audio interface

    I guess there is some typo, because if you mean what you wrote it does not make much sense. You don't output sounds to a microphone. Please explain.

    It's bad news that there is no dedicated ASIO driver. I am not even sure the shared access is possible with the ASIO4ALL wrapper...

    If you load your backing track on one Track of your DAW and put guitar rig as an effect on another track which is set to record your guitar input then you can listen to both sound sources simultaneously, because only the DAW uses the audio interface then

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