Potential solution to fix bricked MK3 keyboard on Apple Silicon (white screen)

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Like other Mac users with Apple Silicon CPUs may have experienced, if the Firmware Updater does not fullly do its job, the keyboard does no longer come up but instead displays a white screen.

After countless hours of testing forth and back, here is how I could get my S61 MK3 back to life despite it showing a white screen on bootup:

  1. I have power-cycled the device a number of times (around 10 - 20), with the white screen appearing every time
  2. Then I have connected the keyboard to the USB Charger of my Macbook Pro. After powering it on, the white screen was still there.
  3. For the data connection, I have used a USB-C to USB-A adapter and plugged the USB-A cable directly into the USB-A port on the back of my Mac Studio. The display was still white.
  4. I then launched the Firmware Updater and started it. The firmware updater got active although the device itself still showed nothing but the white screen. Letting it run for around 5 minutes, the firmware update suddenly reported success and the S61 MK3 lit up again, telling me that it downloads the firmware. Once finished, the screen went on to the "Default MIDI template."

Hope this helps.




  • Kymeia
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    Thanks, at least that shows there is some hope that being in the 'bricked' state is not unfixable with perseverance

  • PoorFellow
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    User situation were at some point , quote : "The updater said I should power-cycle everything and after doing so, the display came up with a totally white screen. "

    So I would say more like with exceptional perseverance ! 🙂 Ref. !

  • Steve Spared
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    You've got some part of the solution you said right, Tom.

    I will tell you my experience with Mac Studio and I believe it would help further pin point the main problem, even though we're not entirely there just yet.

    As simple as it might sound: simply do not update any Native Instruments hardware on the Mac Studio itself. Do it on a Mac Book Pro or on a PC if you can, it works there. It's been 3 times that this occurs to me with NI hardware. I had to move to my Mac Book Pro to update my S4 MK3 for the last update, I got an X1 MK3 and I had to do the exact same thing when I received it, and now once again with the S61 MK3.

    MacOS on the Studio seems to be a bit of a different version than the one on the MBPs. I have seen this as well with other people noticing the same thing on different forums for different issues even.

    I hope this information helps.

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