Do I have to reconnect every instance of Kontakt 7 in my template when reinstalling my OS?

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In the past few years sadly, I've had to reinstall my OS more times than I would have liked and one of the biggest pain points for me is Kontakt. I have a Cubase template with hundreds of tracks, some Komplete Kontrol, and some Kontakt 7. Recently when I had to reinstall Ventura on my Mac (Because stupid me upgraded to Sonoma too fast), I had to reinstall my template and drag over my library content from my SSD and put everything the way I had it before the update.

I first moved my libraries from my SSD to my internal drive (I have the 8TB Macbook Pro M2 Max), and then I installed native access, and then my DAW.

When I go into Cubase, all of my Komplete Kontrol tracks open up just like they did previously, but all of the Kontakt 7 tracks say missing content. I had to go through every Kontakt track and search for the library and reconnect the sound.

PLEASE tell me if there is a better way! Do I have to do this with every Kontakt track everytime I reinstall my OS?





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    Have you done a relocate inside Native Access before opening the project in the DAW? Maybe it could be useful (if needed)

  • esimone00
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    I did but that's only for Komplete Kontrol. It did not work for Kontakt 7 tracks.

  • esimone00
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    Kontakt 7 as in Kontakt Full plugins.

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