Issues with using Browser and Plug-In modes on S61 MK3

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I'm having trouble getting Kontakt or Komplete Kontrol to recognize my S61 on my windows 10 pc. The DAW controls work in Ableton and the rest of the board functions as normal in default midi template mode currently.

The first time I tried to plug the MK3 in it made the USB notification sound over and over like some weirdness was happening. I had already installed Hardware Connections too, so I thought maybe it had something to do with the USB C port on my computer not supporting the keyboard. So I purchased a USB C dock for about $70 from best buy, the brand Hyper. This made the USB sound stop repeating.

When I tried to install the firmware update using that windows 10 computer it would give the error message with PLEASE CONNECT YOUR KONTROL MK3 AND RESCAN, which the support page for troubleshooting firmware updates made me believe it was bricked and needed to be sent back, but I decided to be a bit more stubborn.

After searching around here on the forums I saw some users suggesting to plug it into a Mac or another computer to do the firmware update, so I figured I'd give that a shot. I have another, newer, windows 11 gaming PC and when I tried to do the firmware update on that one, it worked perfectly! awesome. I even tested the connections with Kontakt and Komplete kontrol on that newer PC and those were working fine too.

So, back to my older, windows 10 music production PC where I plan to actually use my new keyboard. I plug it in and DEFAULT MIDI TEMPLATE MODE comes up, get it routed into the MIDI setting of ableton and DAW mode button lights up, functions as normal.

Only issue now is both Kontakt and Komplete Kontrol dont think there's any KK specific keyboards connected. All the options are greyed out for keyboards in KK software, although i can play the keyboard and hear sounds as if another brand/generic MIDI controller was working normally.

Trying to remedy this:

I've made sure that I've set up the MIDI ins and outs in the way the manual suggests. The screen on the MK3 Keyboard doesnt respond to any programs opening on my windows 10 PC but instantly will on my windows 11.

I purchased a different usb C hub, powered USB 4.0 and didn't seem to fix anything. Also tried using a USB C to A adapter and a power supply to no avail.

I tried running the firmware updater again on my windows 10 machine to see if that updater would recognize the S61 now, and it does. Gives the message that firmware is up to date and sees that its a MK3 S61

I tried reinstalling hardware connections, uninstalling komplete kontrol drivers manually from add or remove programs, then reinstalling hardware connections and that didn't work either.


Windows 11 HOME 22H2

HP OMEN 40L Desktop

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Processor i7-12700K  3.60 GHz





Processor i7-6700HQ 2.60 Ghz

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