White Screen /Unresponsive Kontrol S Mk3 during firmware upgrade

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I just brought home a new Kontrol S49 MK3, powered it on, and ran through the setup steps. When I reached the step to upgrade the firmware, I ran the KSMK3 Updater, and received the following error:

An error occured while updating your KONTROL S MK3 (error -2). Please disconnect the KONTROL S MK3, unpower it and quit the KSMK3 Updater. Then reconnect the KONTROL S MK3, restart KSMK3 Updater and try performing the update again. Alternatively contract the NO Technical Support.

I followed those directions, first powering off the MK3, disconnecting the USB-c from my computer, and the rest. After powering the MK3 back on, it is now stuck with a white screen, no matter what I do. I tried doing another firmware update anyway, but it failed with the same error.

At one point during the subsequent firmware update attempts, I see the white screen go away momentarily, but it always returns a second later, and the update always fails. I've tried re-cycling power many times, with no change. Please help

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