I use Kontakt 7 how do I load other VSTi not native to Kontakt?

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I use Kontakt 7 how do I load other VSTis not native to Kontakt? I have 5 instruments loaded in Kontake, all routed properly and working as they should. I then loaded on a new track an instance of Modo Bass 2 and assigned it to track 6 and armed it as the master send. All works as it should. But then on a new track, I loaded Hammond B3 and assigned it to track 7, and armed it as master send ...no sound... what am I doing wrong? Am I trying to do something that just can't be done? Maybe trying to use more than 1 type of VST isn't a good idea?

Thanks for any assistance and direction. If there is some definitive literature on this subject I haven't found it...yet.




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    As you suggest yourself then it is never a good idea to mix more types of VST (like VST with VST3) though I can not tell if that is the reason for your issue here !

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    can you maybe explain again, i don´t understand the problem i fear - so you have one kontakt instance set as multi, then add another kontakt instance, and it works but after adding a third instance it does not work? And what daw do you use, what do you mean by master send?

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    Well Modo Bass 2 is not a Kontakt instrument anyway, I think the OP is confusing Kontakt instruments with plugins, and also the routing sounds weird, what DAW are you using for all this?

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