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Anthony H
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Hitting an error loading the Brass Ensemble patch in Symphony Series Brass library. The other instruments seem to work fine, eg trombones, horns, trumpets etc. But trying to load the Ensemble comes up with a Content Missing error, and pointing to the install path doesn't help. Native Access doesn't show any problems - the library looks like it's installed fine, no updates missing or anything.

It's looking for the Symphony Series Brass Ensemble 1.0.nkr file, which is in the folder but not recognising it. It's a 2016 file, which is surprising.

Any ideas? Thanks

(Komplete 14 Collector edition)


I thought I'd solved this with a restart, but no. I can point Kontakt to the Samples folder (it's on an external drive) and it EVENTUALLY loads up the nkr and the numerous samples. But every time I open Kontakt to load the same patch, the same Missing Content window comes up and I have to direct it to the folder again, and wait while it searches... all other patches load no problem


  • FilmscoreHermit
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    Maybe reinstall the Brass Library. If that doesn't work I would submit a support ticket.

  • Anthony H
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    Unfortunately, that doesn't help. I still need to point to the /Brass.../Samples folder to load the patch. Is it something to do with the Kontakt index file not updating itself?

  • Kaiwan_NI
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    Hi @Anthony H are you by any chance using case-sensitive hard drives? If that's the case, it might be the source of the issue. Our products are not compatible with these drives:

    Notes on Hard Drive Formats on Mac Computers

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