How long to complete Firmware-Update on mk3 Keyboards

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Hi all,

I realize there is some confusion about how long it will take to complete the firmware update.

I was able to complete the firmware Update for a mk3 61 on a Windows 10 Machine, but it took more than 2 hours. I am not exaggerating. I started the firmware-update yesterday in the late evening. After 2 hours, the update was still not done, so I went to bed. This morning I returned to the mk3 expecting it to be still running the update, but it actually did finish the firmware-update while I was asleep.

So in short, the update took somewhere between 2 to 7 hours to finish, but it DID finish. I really hope this helps!


  • fLaX
    fLaX Member Posts: 14 Newcomer

    my update failed everytime i tried it. Hope they bring a driver for windows 11 soon

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