Kontrol mk3 not recognising expression pedal

tombuur Member Posts: 14 Newcomer

Got the S61 mk3 last week. I have three volume pedals with an expression connection too, but none of them works with Kontroll S61. They are not on the recommended list, but I would hate to buy yet another pedal just to discover it isn't recognised.

In fact I have the recommended Roland dp-10 and it works fine as a sustain pedal. I have tried it in continuous mode as expression pedal. Doesn't work.

The touch strip configured as CC11 works fine with my DAW (Studio One). Everything is updated. I've been through all available online instructions, albeit there are only ones for mk2. I am on a Macbook with MacOS 14 (Sonoma).

Does anyone have pedals working through the expression connection on mk3 kontrol devices?


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