Kontakt 6 - SV LP2 is popping

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I have the world's simplest .nki with a few MIDI CC wired. In the Group Insert FX chain, I have (Pre-Amp)...

1) SV HP2, 2) Solid G-EQ, 3) SV LP2

This, the workaround, for a very simple 2-pole HPF, low shelf attenuate, hi shelf attenuate, 2-pole LPF. I'm using a single (inverted) MIDI CC modulator, hard wired, on the SV LP2. When I lower the cutoff frequency, samples POP. It's as though the first few milliseconds are passing the filter before the DSP of the SV LP2 is kicking in. This is not a result of the Volume AHDSR settings. I am not using any scripting.

This is not about envelopes or sample start. I have already massively troubleshot this. When I remove everything else this glitch in the SV LP2 remains. The other filters don't have this effect in the exact same configuration. It appears I've found a bug in Kontakt 6.7.1 SV LP2.

Has anyone else noted starting pops or other issues with the SV LP2?

What are developers using for their filters these days? The Legacy filters and EQ have never let me down. Contrastingly, the SV filters seem to be universally recommended in the manual/etc as being better in all ways. Can they be relied upon?

Is there a recommended 'best order' for filters and EQ along the Group Insert FX strip?

Many thanks in advance for any help with this. Deadline-related.


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