Guitar Rig 7 Pro Partial Display Issue

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I have a new (to me) 2018 Mac mini Intel i5 running Sonoma 14.0, the graphics specs are Intel UHD Graphics 630 1536 MB, and I'm using Studio One 6.5 Pro. I recently purchased Guitar Rig 7 Pro and am using VST3 for compatibility with my collaborating partner. When opening GR7 from a session I've been given, the effects are there but the panels are mostly blank (see image below). I haven't messed with the Mac's display settings and I'm currently using just one monitor using the one HDMI port on the Mac mini but no other plugin has this UI issue, not even Reaktor or other NI plugins. Also, creating a new GR7 instance (or FX or MFX which are AU versions btw) has the same UI issue. As it stands now, it's unusable, or at least uneditable, in the case of opening a session that already has the effect on it. Anyone experience this. I tried to look for other examples but did not quickly find any so apologies if it's a known issue but I need a fix either way. Cheers!



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    Phantomhip Member Posts: 2 Newcomer

    Never mind, in my excite to move from a 2009 Mac tower to my 2018 Mac mini, I got overzealous and just updated my OS to the newest available, not realizing that Sonoma was so new and may not be fully supported. I'm now in the process of moving back to Ventura which will almost certainly fix the display issue. Apologies!

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