Native Komplete Kontrol S3 integration - Guitar Rig Stand-alone

Wouter De Muynck
Wouter De Muynck Member Posts: 209 Pro


When I load a GR7 preset in Komplete Kontrol there is the ability to control the parameters of the effect within the new Komplete Kontrol S3 keyboard/console, but the background image is a generic GR7 image, which makes it hard to see which parameter within the effect-list you're modifying. You can navigate through a mutitude of pages, but it's not clear what you're doing. It would be very nice to have native Komplete Kontrol keyboard integration in the stand-alone version of GR7 where the actual effect and not the generic GR7 background are shown in the Komplete Kontrol S3 keyboard console.




  • Milos
    Milos Member Posts: 775 Advisor

    Maybe you should use the Komplete Kontrol as a track if you have instruments there, but to put GR effect in the in-DAW Fx rack, not inside the Komplete Kontrol, if you even have a DAW.

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