Battery master out hard panned right, no way to fix it

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A bunch of my old custom Battery 4 kits are hard panned to right again.

I vaguely remember having this issue years and years ago, but I can't remember how I managed to fix it. Its nothing obvious like 'turn the pan knob, you silly goose'.

Basically none of the samples are panned. Master output shows full stereo signal in the bus mixer BUT the output indicator in top corner is hard panned right. See the attached image.

Where can I control master panning in Battery 4? I feel like last time I was able to send some midi CC or something to change the panning, but the manual has no mention of this.


  • I can load any factory kit / one my own kits (one which doesn't have this issue) and the signa is fine. So its not some glitch that goes away if I restart my computer. See the attached video.
  • I can of course save samples or cells, init a new kit and import the same samples / or cells and it works perectly. I can do all of this in the same session so its not a DAW/Battery issue - its just something wrong with this specific kit save. And I have 6 kits in this same state and I can't use them without rebuilding them.

So something just changes the panning between Bus mixer and Master output and there is no control for it.

If someone could help me, I'd highly appreciate that help. I feel like there was some under the hood MIDI control for it or something, but I've been turning MIDI knobs on all of my MIDI controllers and nothing seems to affect the panning.

Unfortunately this site doesn't let me post a link to a video, so here is just a screenshot of my video:



  • LostInFoundation
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    Quite difficult to help without seeing all the settings involved.

    The only thing I can see in the screenshot is that the Delay is in some way panned, but not completely and I frankly doubt it has anything to do with it (otherwise it would not be completely silenced on one channel and in any case not for all the sounds)

  • jaymattila
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    Thanks @LostInFoundation - I opened a ticket with NI, maybe they can give me an advice. These are some old kits I have for some older songs. I ended up copying all of the cells, and pasting them to a new Battery instance and adjusted things from there. The panning issue does not get copied over to the new instance of battery, so I have no clue whats up with the routing in these saves.

    But the mystery still remains why these kits are hard panned. I have maybe 12 custom kits which are broken.

    I'm attaching couple of simple monolith kits here if someone wants a challenge and take a look :D You can open these in plugin or standalone Battery 4 and you should see and hear the panning issue. If these work for someone else, then there is something wrong with my software (But I did try with 3 different computers already).

    I'll add more info in this discussion if I'm ever able to figure it out.

  • LostInFoundation
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    If I must be frank…I’m happy you found a workaround, because hoping that NI will care of this is fooling ourselves 😔

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