Running Komplete Kontrol 3 alongside 2.9.4 (new plugin ID)

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Is it somehow possible to give Komplete Kontrol 3 a new plugin ID, so that it can run alongside 2.9.4?

I just had to downgrade because the update broke hundreds of projects. Not only did it remove the vst2 .dll (a company should NEVER delete anything from my harddrive without asking) it also broke every instance of the vst3 plugin I had used in the past!

I'd be happy to use Komplete Kontrol 3 vst3 for new projects from now on, but PLEASE give it a new ID!

Honestly, I'm a bit shocked right now and dont't know how I should handle this - apart from never updating and never using NI Products again in the future I'm out of ideas 😶

The only solution that comes to my mind is using a virtual machine for each client - that way I can freeze the projects in time and don't have them broken with updates, but I suspect my e-licencer- and iLock dongles won't work with this.

I really don't understand this decision - I have 3 versions of Kontakt installed, the newest is vst3 only, but that doesn't matter. Because when a client wants a change I can unfreeze the project, the older Kontakt version loads and I can go to work. Can you please elaborate on this?


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