How to remove thumbnail from Kontakt 7 Library page?

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I needed to add an image for the World Percussion 2.0 library. So I did that. And I had to add the library to the page using the Import Content tool (why)?

However, Kontakt 7 still cannot deal with the library name having a '.' in the name. So I renamed from "World Percussion 2.0" to "World Percussion 2_0".

See the image attached. How can I remove the highlighted 2.0 thumbnail?? That library was apparently automatically found by Kontakt, as it is not in my list of "imported content".



  • Kymeia
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    Go into the NI Resources/image folder and rename the folder with your library name to the new one

    btw it's the alias the thumbnail folder should be named the same as, not the library itself, so you could just have an alias of World Percussion 2 and rename the thumbnail folder to that as well

  • lahatte
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    There was no image folder for the 2.0 thumbnail, thus why no image. Naming the new image folder for the library to 2.0 doesn't work (period issue). Naming the image folder as 2_0 is how I got the second thumbnail.

  • Kaiwan_NI
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    I see you've contacted our support team about this issue as well. We'll pass on your feedback to the team.

  • lahatte
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    Thanks very much.

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