Session Guitarist - No sound from metronome/click !?

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after some time i began to use Session Guitarist (Vintage Electric) again, but was surprised that i get no metronome/click sound when using the rhythm search function with record. There is a visual representation by the red dot but no sound. The strange thing is that from Kontakt itself i can get a metronome sound when i press F4 and let it play.

Can someone help out ? Thanks in advance.


  • Moonbot7000
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    Just a thought, check your routing, metronomes are often routed through only the main outputs and not any auxillary ones. For example, I use outputs 3+4 as my main outputs and unless I connect 1+2 I won't get the metronome audio.

  • particlestorm
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    Thanks for your answer, but i have to admit, i do not really understand what you mean. My Main Output is St 1/2, but i cannot see where the metronome/click sound is routed to. I can see that the click generates a voice, but have no clue where the signal is generated and how it is routed....

  • Kaiwan_NI
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    Unfortunately this is a known issue (Bug KKI-1375). A workaround would be to use Kontakt metronome for the time being. 😕

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