Change Midi CC assignments on Kontrol S61 Mk3?

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Just got the new Kontrol S61 Mk3 in the mail and cant seem to figure out how to customise the Default MIDI Template (or make my own)?

I assume that i can change the CC values, the control labels, the midi template name etc, similar to what i can to with my Maschine Mk3 in the Controller Editor? But can´t seem to find any information on how to do it.


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  • Maciej Repetowski
    Maciej Repetowski Member Posts: 211 Pro
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    Nope, NI deemed it not essential for initial release, they said they will work on this sometime later.


  • Babrekulf
    Babrekulf Member Posts: 16 Member

    Also, i feel there is a few missed opportunities regarding the key-LEDs for general midi-controller use. I would like the option to:

    • Have a rainbow color scheme, like the startup sequence. (or maybe a fade between two selected colors across the key range)
    • Have the option to only light up the keys that are being played, and the rest stays off.
    • Customise the LEDs in detail across the keyboard range, like the pads on Maschine.

    And maybe add your own artwork-background to different Midi Templates..

  • Maciej Repetowski
    Maciej Repetowski Member Posts: 211 Pro
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    Nope, NI deemed it not essential for initial release, they said they will work on this sometime later.

  • Babrekulf
    Babrekulf Member Posts: 16 Member
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    OK, so this midi controller is not a working midi controller at release..? For my workflow at least.

    I can maybe understand that the LED-functionallity is basic, but not having standard CC-assignment.. at this pricepoint??

  • Maciej Repetowski
    Maciej Repetowski Member Posts: 211 Pro

    Mind boggles, I know.

  • antsa169
    antsa169 Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

    Unbelievable. Hopefully, they will give us at least some basic MIDI options in the near future, I'm planning to use the keyboard for the live shows, and now it's almost useless without any way to modify the template, reassign and rename parameters, etc.

  • Acrilix
    Acrilix Member Posts: 4 Newcomer

    I've just wasted an hour of my life trying to figure out how to create templates. Not including this at launch must be one of the stupidest decisions ever made....... a MIDI keyboard you can't assign MIDI CC values to?!!!

    This is ridiculous, and was not mentioned in any of the reviews that I saw.

  • Babrekulf
    Babrekulf Member Posts: 16 Member

    I totally agree.. this sponsored youtube-review-thing has gotten out of hand.

  • Jazzzy100
    Jazzzy100 Member Posts: 2 Newcomer

    Native Instruments decision to release the Kontrol S-61 Mk3 without a functioning midi controller editor for the Default template is a tragic error. I totally agree with Acrilix. It is not like we're asking for audio capabilities for midi controller. It is a midi controller so ""Midi template editor"" DUH.... I'm heavy into midi templates and this it useless with it.

  • Jazzzy100
    Jazzzy100 Member Posts: 2 Newcomer

    Think about that for a second, They knew that it did not have an editor ready, still someone higher up there said , let's release it anyway. This is an example of a company completely taking us for granted that no matter what they do, we'll accept it. I am outraged. I can understand that Second Gen NKS will follow for all of their plugins eventually, as well as third party Vendor, but midi editor? SHAME ON YOU NATIVE INSTRUMENTS. Your don't have the basic midi template editor ready, then you don't release it. You sold us a "MIDI CONTROLLER" right? With all the resources you have that should have been child's play for you. For those of us commenting on this, we wanted to get the unit in, figure it out, start immediately on redoing our custom templates (which in my case is a lot) and then back in business. But, this is just a waste of time because they are not even going to be embarrassed that they did this.

  • Mino
    Mino Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

    I have ordered mine, but I will send it back until it comes. I use Cubase and not only Native Instruments VSts. So it is useless for me

  • Groove Intruder
    Groove Intruder Member Posts: 4 Newcomer

    I've just read the thread and some good points have been brought up to be sure. In the future, I would also like to see the ability to customize the start page with owner info and perhaps subsequent pages to add say add set lists and even lyrics or the like (how nice would that ability be on the big beautiful screen!).

    When it comes to having access to multiple MIDI templates, for the time being I will defer to my Arturia Keylab mkII.

    Having said all this and even in agreement with many sentiments expressed . . . I LOVE this keyboard (I have the S49 and the key bed alone is attractive not to mention quick access to most of my plugins) and look forward to its evolution.

  • nightjar
    nightjar Member Posts: 1,086 Guru
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    Yep.. I anticipate everything to come will be worth the wait and any frustration in the interim!

    My new S-Mk3 feels SO GOOD under the fingers and to the eye as well.

  • Steril1234
    Steril1234 Member Posts: 4 Newcomer

    This is a bad joke?! A controller keyboard with no editor mode für knobs and encoders? What is MK4 like? Just the keybed?

  • Matthew_NI
    Matthew_NI Product Team Posts: 433 mod
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    We're currently working on the MIDI template implementation as one of our post-launch improvements.

    I'd expect it to launch in early to mid Q1, depending on how beta goes.

    We have planned a continual stream of post launch updates. Some of the other things we have planned for the keyboard include support for Play Assist standalone, and Accessibility, as well as some other updates I can't yet communicate.

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