Cremona Quartet - Sustain or doubled tone

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Hi everybody.

Kontakt 7.6.1, MacOS13.5.1, LogicPro10.7.9

I have following problem:

When I use Virtuoso-Mode with AmatiViola (Cremona Quartet) of NI, then some of the tones are way too long as if the system would overload. I found out, that when I go in the Pianoroll that there are some of the MIDI-Notes doubled and when I delete them then it works, BUT: after a few seconds the doubled notes are there again and also the Tempo is not stable... I am going crazy cause I can´t find a solution...

And the doubled notes seem to be absolutely randomly...





  • Jeremy_NI
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    @MWcomposer Could there be a MIDI loop happening on your set up? These doubled notes appear after recording parts with the keyboard, I imagine, what keyboard are you using?

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