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Hi, I have battery 4 a great and favorite program. It has a feature called "midi learn" so I can change the midi note #'s in the program the the ones in my midi drum controller a zendrum. So I can put the sound in battery 4 expansion packs on any trigger on my zendrum. Works great!!!! I want to get kontakt 7 and am using the demo but cannot custom midi map programs like ethereal earth, or abbey road drums, or discovery series Africa like battery 4. Does anybody know how I can do this? What is the default midi map that kontakt uses. General maybe? Thanks


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    There are 2 reasons for this, not sure which one apply in your case though (but most probably, both):

    1- Factory banks (such as Abbey Road or Ethereal Earth) are locked and users are not allowed to edit them.

    2- The demo (? ...you mean the Player version), does not provide such feature.

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    The "Tranformer" KSP factory multiscript will change pretty much any MIDI message (note, cc# or value, channel# etc) to any other MIDI message, so you can MIDI map anything before it reaches the instrument.

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