Missing stereo outputs

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edited November 16 in Battery 4

I've set up an instance of Battery 4, 16 stereo outputs and in Battery's preferences, selected 16 stereo outputs, yet when I try to edit a cell, Battery only shows 4 stereo outs, I cant figure out what's going on.

Im using Battery with Logic Pro.



  • Milos
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    Maybe you can try this.

    You can just make 2 same tracks with the same plugin Battery 4,and then make one track go to the L side, and the other one to the right using in-DAW mono/stereo settings.

    Or 3 of them if you want a mono track as well.

    I tried it with the plugins that don't really support Stereo, and it worked for me perfectly.

    I hope it solves the issue.

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