Kontakt 7.6.1 update Causes CPU Spikes / Crashes

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In some cases, the latest Kontakt update (7.6.1) is causing CPU spikes and DAW crashes. These issues are currently being investigated with a high priority by our developers.

In the meantime, we would request that any users experiencing such issues to downgrade to the previous version of Kontakt 7 (7.6.0) via the following link:



We will provide updates about the fix as and when we have them. Sorry if you have been inconvenienced by any issues with the recent update!


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  • EvilDragon
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    Please update to 7.7, CPU spikes issue has been fixed.



  • nightjar
    nightjar Member Posts: 1,065 Guru

    Thanks for the handy link.

    Got my S61MK3 two days ago, and the MK3+Kontakt 7.6.1 behavior in Logic was very flakey.

    Looking forward to see if MK3 + Kontakt 7.6.0 is more stable.

  • TracingArcs
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    I've also just updated to K7.6.1 and updated Glaze to 2.0.0 and Melted Vibes to 2.0.0

    And Kontakt 7.6.1 says my software is too old and to update. Will revert back to 7.6.0 I think.

    Edit : downgraded to 7.6.0 and Glaze & Melted Vibes 2.0.0 work in K7.6.0

  • nightjar
    nightjar Member Posts: 1,065 Guru

    Wow... using Kontakt 7.6 vs 7.6.1 was a MUCH better experience with my new S61MK3 + Logic.

    Everything worked exactly as expected with Logic DAW control now, vs being very flakey using 7.6.1.

    My strong advice to anyone with new MK3 keyboards on macOS is don't even try to use Kontakt 7.6.1... revert to 7.6 now!

  • lazzzzzarus
    lazzzzzarus Member Posts: 2 Newcomer

    @Rich_NI, thanks for providing the installer, although this doesn't fully remedy the situation in cases where sessions have been saved on the newer 7.6.1 version as they now cannot be open on 7.6.0 due to the "Future Application Version Needed" error. I believe this behavior changed with Kontakt 7.

    Previously it was possible to open sessions where a later version of Kontakt was used (although you could not load instruments that were BUILT in a later version). This new behavior is creating a difficult situation for us users that had saved an important session with the newer buggy version, and are now unable to open it now that we have rolled back. This is an appeal to the NI team to PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE revert to the old behavior where sessions could be opened on machines using an earlier version than what was saved to avoid a situation like this in the future.

  • lazzzzzarus
    lazzzzzarus Member Posts: 2 Newcomer

    Also, @Rich_NI is there an estimate as to how long it will take for a fix to be released? Trying to ***** whether it will be worth it to take the few days to rebuild my saved sessions with a rolled back version...

  • JohnHarbourCity
    JohnHarbourCity Member Posts: 8 Newcomer

    Hi, I successfully uninstalled Kontakt 7.61 and installed Kontakt 7.60 using the guide for uninstalling Native Instruments applications and your download link. My Pro Tools playback and Kontakt plugin works fine, but I have lost the Kontakt standalone app.

    How do I restore the standalone app? Does that need to be 7.6.0 as well?

    if so where can I get it?

  • EvilDragon
    EvilDragon Moderator Posts: 998 mod

    You don't need to rebuild your session. Just install 7.6.0 using the installer posted by Rich, and you'll be fine. 7.6.0 and 7.6.1 have the same file format, so a session created with 7.6.1 can open with 7.6.0.

  • pokomang
    pokomang Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

    o mu god, I spend 2 days, downgrading my Mac, reinstall everything including Logic and Komplete collecters edition, still error. Now I found this page and downgraded to 7.6.0 and it is working fine again. I did not expected this form NI.

  • Albi's Gone Native
    Albi's Gone Native Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

    Yup same issue for me. I am on a Mac m1 studio updated then used the link to downgrade, now I get no sound through Kontakt on cubase 12 pro. Any ideas on how to restore it?

  • Adam C
    Adam C Member Posts: 1 Newcomer
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    I used the link but Kontakt 7 is still at 7.6.1

    Sorry, it worked the second time.

  • ambolik
    ambolik Member Posts: 1 Newcomer
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    Does this installer the same for Kontakt 7 Player?

    I only use K7 player, but 7.6.1 is now unusable due to CPU spikes ! ! ! Can I revert to K7 Player 7.6.0 with the installer in OP?

    EDIT: if no, could you provide a specific K7 Player 7.6.0 installer?

  • Sinix.Z
    Sinix.Z Member Posts: 2 Newcomer
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    I have a brand new MacBook Pro M2 pro (10 Core CPU, 32GB, 1TB SSD, MacOS Ventura 13.6.1). I use Kontakt 7.6.1 and receive "system overload" warning in GarageBand (latest version) with just 3 to 4 tracks of Kontakt libraries and sometimes many pops and clicks while playing back those few tracks, no CPU spike or even high memory usage though in the activity monitor. Could this issue be related to the latest Kontakt update? Also, opening some Kontakt libraries cause spinning rainbow wheel on my DAW. I have tested other VST instruments than NI and not having this issue.

    Thanks for your help!

  • EvilDragon
    EvilDragon Moderator Posts: 998 mod

    Yes, pretty sure you will be fine if you try 7.6.0, or upgrade to 7.7. which should be coming relatively soon.

  • Heiberg
    Heiberg Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

    Yes... many issues with 7.6.1 in Logic and PT ... installed the 7.6.0 file from above, things are back to "normal". NI, you should NOT let stuff like this go out, especially with Kontakt ! Come on guys, this had to be obvious in even the simplest of tests. As a twenty year Kontakt user, I'm disappointed to see this.

  • Kamil Orman-Janowski
    Kamil Orman-Janowski Member Posts: 3 Newcomer

    Is that mean that there will be no anything between 7.61 and 7.7 to fix this urgent issue? If yes, then how relatively soon we can expect 7.7? For some of us, especially those working with big templates full of kontakt instances, going back to 7.6 is even more struggle than dealing with performance spikes on 7.61

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