Bad volume imbalance between pattern mode and melody mode in Session Guitars

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I like to do call and response things with my Session Guitar VST' a pattern and interject my own melody...and repeat type thing. The problem I have is that the volume between the pattern mode and melody mode is seriously different with the patterns playing much louder..any fix for this?

I remember some time ago reading something in a manual with a remedy to this but it didnt work

So I;ve resorted to adding the Studio One vst pedalboard to the tracks and midi assigning a RAT pedal with a volume boost that I switch on and off by midi assigning to my sustain pedal..thats not very elegant...why are the volumes so different? They sound like 2 different guitars..which is ok if I wanted them to..i dont



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    Is this the section from the manual you're referring to?

    One solution would be to change the velocity either in the Controller Editor or KSP.

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    Yes! Thats what I tried. The problem with that (for me) is that it was cumbersome to do that and I lost use of my left hand to control pitch bends and such for did balance/smooth things out a bit however.

    I dont know what a KSP is I dont think and I guess I could change the velocity for those keyswitches , but wouldnt that universally change them for all plug ins?

    Appreciate the help

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