How to change the Midi settings from Ch + Groups when you can't go into the Edit mode

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I am having an issue with setting up multiple midi for certain Kontakt library instruments.

I can't go into Edit mode to fix the issue so when I am choosing a dedicated midi channel it gives me + Groups. As can be seen the Edit icon is different to say Kontakt's Middle East Library.

Is there a fix for this? TIA



  • ShelLuser
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    I may be misunderstanding something, but I don't see why you'd need edit mode to change the MIDI assignments for the instruments in a rack? Press the round 'i' icon in the upper right corner of an instrument, then you get access to its MIDI assignments:

    And even though Live doesn't really support different MIDI channels this setup will work perfectly:


    Here I am sending MIDI into track 2 which in its turn sends it to Kontakt 7, channel 2. Which I just designated for Deft Lines (awesome instrument btw). As a result I can now play "DL" using track 2 and track 3 (the one with Kontakt on it) only plays Analog Dreams (another absolute must-have IMO).

    Hope this can help!

  • DiMuTech
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    Yes you have missed my problem on this occasion. I know how to route the Kontakt to different midi channels. That can be seen on the picture. The problem is when I choose a certain midi channel for Kontakt library instruments it says for example ch 4 + groups. So it plays on all channels. This means if I play ch 1, ch 4 also plays. There is a fix if you go into the edit screen as shown on the pictures. There are youtube videos also about this fix. However Kontakt instruments you can't go into the edit menu to do this fix. Hope this makes my problem more understandable

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