Why can't you save presets and their effects chains together as a 'channel strip?'

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This really bummed me out when I upgraded to 3.0- Sometimes I want to design complex patches using effects in Komplete Kontrol and then recall them for later use- the only way I can do this now is if I open KK in a DAW- We really should have the ability to save a Komplete Kontrol patch with effects and recall it. This is how every hardware workstation has worked since the Korg M1.

What's worse is that this has been a longtime request from many NI KK users. This function would really be 'Komplete Kontrol"


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    Why indeed!

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    As I read Version 3.x was released I thought something like that would be happen.... (Or custom Arps, custom Chords,... )

    So matter what, but something which makes KK better than before.

    Insead we got a buggy, darker colored and completely restructured app, with no feature added...

    now if I want to browse and change presets or search narrowing I've to click 3 times than in version 2.4.

    Do they ask their users what they want before program? (Or is it like Apple. Look, we added a new feature, called USB3 and made it titan, so it costs 3 times the price)

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    I was working with KK some more this weekend and It's not horrible- it's just not what I would have expected from a 3.0 release- I've been a long time NI user and have always reveled in the fact that they have a long history of generally making things more useful via free, or very reasonably priced updates (I've only paid for a Maschine upgrade once since 1.0- my Komplete Upgrades always seem super useful and worth it)

    I swear I'd have no problem paying for a KK 'Pro' upgrade if they really made the thing more useful.

    One thing that they did fix - is I was having an issue with my KK MKII and pedal assignments. The MKII seemed to 'forget' my pedals all of the time (I'm using a QuikLoc PSP Sustain Pedal which is really cheap and built like a tank and a Moog expression pedal which is also cheap and built like a tank) and it was a pain to try to get them working again, if at all - so I wasn't using them. This was definitely a KK issue - I have other stuff the pedals were working fine with. Now, kinda magically, they are working with no issues and no configuration- they just simply worked when I plugged them back in this weekend.

    Really pleasant surprise : )

    But I have to have Logic open to save my really amazing patches I'm making lol - I'm pretty fluent in Logic- so it's not that big of a deal, it's just a very weird oversight they keep making, and one that folks have complained about since KK 1.0.

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