Keybed question for those that have the MK3 (and previously owned an MK2 or MK1).

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I’m unable to go to any music stores due to illness, which unfortunately means that I have to rely a lot on reviews and user accounts when I’m buying new hardware rather than being able to try things out myself before I buy.

My question would be for those of you who are receiving their MK3 keyboards but who have previously owned the MK1 or MK2 - how do you find the feel of the keybed? Does it feel a lot different? I’ve seen a few people say it feels more expressive, while others say it feels a bit heavier/stiffer to play….I’m someone who plays with a very light touch and can’t always get a comfortable feel to the velocity setting (that works for me) on the MK1, but I’ve found a workaround using “Soft 3” and midi modifiers in Cubase when needed for certain instruments. 

Still, I’d love to hear your feedback! 

Edited to clarify: I’m asking for the S49/S61 keybed since my MK1 61 key is my current go to, but I’m interested to hear how the S88 fares too! 



  • mattse
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    Hey @Navi, is this for the 88 key model (ie. weighted keys) or the other models (ie. semi-weighted)?

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    I have owned S61Mk1, S49MK2, S88MK2... just got a S61MK3 yesterday.

    Not enough time for any deep commentary... but I would be confident saying that my immediate impression is that it feels very smooth and responsive. I am confident that it will exceed the satisfaction I had with previous S49 & S61 offerings.

    I was only medium-happy with the feel of my S88MK2... a bit heavier than my preference.

  • Tomboman
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    --> nightjar:

    Sounds like you are not a piano player and prefer the smaller keyboards with the half weighted keys

  • Navi
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    @mattse Gah! I forgot to specify that! Thank you - I’ll edit my post to say that, for me personally, I’m asking for the S49/S61 keybed, but I’m interested to hear how the S88 fares too! 

    @nightjar This is helpful to hear, thank you! 

  • nightjar
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    No... I own other weighted 88-key keyboards that I prefer for their keybed feel.

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