S49 MK3 in the house

mickeyl Member Posts: 52 Member

Got it yesterday. Coming from an S25 mk1 (yes, the one that's being deprecated, which given the age of the device is ok for me), this feels like another product category. It's much more sturdy and professional.

The keyboard is fantastic, as is the look and feel of the wheels and knobs. I like dimming the buttons in the situations where they don't have a function, this is a great idea.

Double USB-C is very good for people like me, who have all the devices in their studio being centrally powered by a master switch.

The software is the first incarnation of a total rewrite under the hoods. As a software developer, I can understand the massive effort involved, so I'm fine with the fact that there are certain features missing.

The price point for the 49 keys incarnation feels a bit heavy, considering that the 61 is just a hundred bucks more. That said, let me toss a wish for a 3 octave version for playing live sets.

As a side remark… the communication efforts of the team are top notch. All in all I'm satisfied with the new direction NI is moving to. It was about time, but I'm genuinely convinced that they're progressing.


  • Tim_NI
    Tim_NI Product Team Posts: 42 mod

    Thanks @mickeyl for your feedback - we are really stoked that you are happy with your S49 Mk3 so far!

    A lot of people poured a lot of love into it. Seeing it out there is pretty indescribable after such a long journey - it never gets old no matter how many releases each of us has been through!


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