Guitar Rig 7 Reverb Delight SUPERB!

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Hi All and in particular the Guitar Rig developers!!

I was a little peeved at the asking price of having to pay 99$ for the update from 6 to 7. So I decided to try the demo. The first thing that struck me was the big (to me) difference between the ICM versions of "Reverb Delight" ,"AC Box" and "Tube Skreamer) and their previous iterations. I've been using GR Live professionally since version 3:-))) btw. In fact I immediately bought GR7 based on this. I have only one"complaint" which is more of a request,,,I haven't found either Fire Breather or Fire Seeker particularly inspiring, I feel a dedicated ICM "Marshall 100" (Plex or otherwise) model would be terrific, I do feel that is an omission that needs to be corrected!

Best Regards

Dave Abbott

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