Cannot keep Kontakt libraries linked up between 2 almost identical computers

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Hello everyone,

We’ve been struggling to get our Kontakt to stay synced up when exchanging sessions between computers. We are using 2 Macs (1 Mac Studio M1 and one iMac Intel), with same file directories and file names. Yet some libraries do not link when sharing Cubase sessions, and we get the Kontakt message saying that some files are missing. The file path is the exact same one in the other machine, and when hitting spotlight search, it finds it instantly. Some specific libraries are most often part of the missing files message, although it looks like each transfer between machines brings some different libraries missing (not consistently the same).

I’m really unsure how to fix this, if anyone has some clues it’d be much appreciated!


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    It should work even with different files paths. In the end what the projects are telling to the programs is “open instrument XY with preset YZ. It’s the program that then knows where instrument XY and preset YZ are.

    When you say “it looks like each transfer between machines brings some different libraries missing (not consistently the same)” you mean opening the same project? This would be a clear indicator that the problem is not in the libraries themselves, but a kind of bug.

    Are you sure the libraries are exactly the same? And they have the same presets? Programs like e.g. Massive also have expansions, therefore there is the possibility that some presets are present in one version and not another one.

    I would try to open Kontakt standalone loading the involved libraries to see if you can find them there

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    Hi @composertrombone can you please double-check if the file paths are exactly the same?

    If not, it's recommended to use an external drive instead:

    How to Share KONTAKT-Libraries Between Two Computers Using an External Hard Drive

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