Komplete Kontrol 2.9.x unstable

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I accidently upgrade to 3.0 but after the downgrade to the 2.9 version through the google drive link and when using this version all my komplete kontrol instances are unstable (audio dropouts).

I'm using Logic Pro (latest version to date) on mac os (latest available stable version to date) on a Mac Studio M2 Ultra. With the S88 MK1.

I tried restarting. Trying over several days, with several projects (old and new ones). But always the same issue. When I open the plugin panel it seems functioning and the problems are gone. But when switching to another track with komplete kontrol, the first one becomes unstable and experiences audio dropouts.

CPU performance meter doesn't spike and doesn't seem very active. Changing buffers doesn't make a difference. Removing komplete kontrol and using for instance Battery directly solves the issue. So it seems komplete kontrol related.

Before the upgrade I never had any issues with the same projects. Is there any way to go back before the 2.9.x version that was posted in your blog post about the version deprecation ?


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    Sorry to learn about your problem. The resident N.I. forum customer service person who is also the MAC expert is away for almost a month more so maybe you should better contact support. There is a lot users here also that got MAC but I do not know if they will be of help. A very general advice about Native Instruments software (and individual N.I. software components) on MAC is that it requires a full disk access set in the MAC OS security settings , so that is also a very good place to check. Else , you can get in touch with N.I. support here: http://bit.ly/NIsupport_install they can help with Native Access ..

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    Thanks @PoorFellow, I might attempt throwing my question at NI customer service, but it will probably put me back at square one and I hate going through those customer service decision trees. The security setting is a good point and I will double check this.

    Yesterday I replaced all Kontrol plugins in my orchestral template, which always functioned perfectly using the pre 2.9.x release, with Kontakt and Spitfire plugins directly and all mysterious lockups and cpu spikes were gone.

    Whatever the reason, backwards compatibility is always a stupid thing to drop if you want people to get more confident in upgrading to newer hardware. A simple cap in Native Access when older hardware is connected, or a warning with a pre 3.x version option with only stability fixes should be the least!

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