Arturia MiniLab MK3 & Komplete Kontrol app?

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I’m currently toying with the idea of either getting the Komplete Kontrol m32 for my desk or getting the Arturia MiniLab MK3 as its features surpass the NI offering.

Can I map the midi controls to the Komplete Kontrol app so that I can use the plugin browser and choose sounds etc?



  • Vagus
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    You can use any midi keyboard with Komplete Kontrol - and it should be no different with the MiniLab MK3. I use my KK keyboard, as well as my Seaboard Block.

  • chk071
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    Note that there are many things which are restricted to the Komplete Kontrol keyboards in the Komplete Kontrol plugin though. Like: Switching parameter pages from the keyboard, changing the arp or chord scale functions from the keyboard, selecting and filtering presets from the keyboard etc.

    You can map 8 knobs to the Komplete Kontrol plugin from your generic MIDI controller, so that you can control the 8 parameters which you can see on the screen in the plugin. You have to use the mouse to switch the pages of parameters then though, to control another "bank" of 8 parameters. And, you basically have to do most stuff on the screen, rather from the keyboard. That's the functionality you get in connection with the Komplete Kontrol keyboards, not any other keyboard.

    TBH, if I was you, and I wanted the full functionality of the Komplete Kontrol plugin, I'd just get the KK M32. It has 7 keys more than the Arturia MiniLab, has similar quality of the keys, AND it works perfectly with the Komplete Kontrol plugin. It's inexpensive as well. It's a nice keyboard. I had it myself, and might get it again.

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