Guitar Rig 7 is not listed on Native Access v3.6.2

Samuel Gonzalez
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I tried to install Guitar Rig 7 but is not listed in native access, i already upgrade native access to version 3.6.2 but still not listed the Guitar Rig 7.


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  • Vocalpoint
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    When exactly did you register Komplete Start? GR7 was released on Sept 6 - but I suspect it may have taken NI a while to get GR6 Player out of the Start package and put GR7 Player in - and you registered your package before that change occurred.

    You already confirmed that all you see is GR6 (in your screen cap) - so I believe that is all you will get.

    Now - you might be able to download GR7 player - but will probably need to consult NI Support to see if it's even possible.

    That said - I believe Komplete Start is purely intended as a "cost free" entry point for new NI users to try out the various NI bits in there and see if the value is there for them.

    I do not believe it was ever meant to be a never-ending "free" platform where every existing Start user out there magically gets "upgraded" when a new "player" version of any included Start instruments appears in the future.

    I strongly suspect if I downloaded K Start right now, registered it under a brand-new NI acct - I would most likely see GR7 in there.


  • Kaiwan_NI
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    @Vocalpoint is correct. It sounds like you've got the older version of Komplete Start activated. If you'd like to have Guitar Rig 7, you can create a new account and get a new version of Komplete Start.


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