articulation automation of cinematic studio strings in kontakt / cubase

mondrul Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

Dear community! I am orchestrating a piece of mine for The Norwegian Radio Orchestra but currently stuck with a really annoying problem. I want my basses to play sustain, but they keep snapping to Bartok snaps! I have tried entering a C0 to each event as it says that is the trigger for sustain, but it only temporarily works. I have also tried to select read/write and punching the sustain icon repeatedly while playing back, but that doesn@t do much either. and I have tried to add an automation track, but cannot find anything relevant. There are a number of options when i click the volume automation track and click "more", but nothing about articulations. Also the respective track should have appeared when i started to write the automation. Is there a way I can add articulations in automation track? Id rather avoid the keymapping as it will appear in my scores, so automation tracking would be ideal. I really need my software to speak together! Thanks for your help!

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