Komplete Kontrol S series MK1 keyboards End Of Life



  • JesterMgee
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    But what about all those users (like me and guarantee there will be others) that HATE the new software and it's somehow worse navigation and find it to be a complete step backwards and want to continue to use V2 even with an MK2?

    I figured this would happen, luckily I am on PC so 2.9 should work forever but I also hope 2.9 is available to everyone to download, not just MK1 owners because I sold my MK1

  • LostInFoundation
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    Shouldn’t the download links in the OP work also with MK2? This is what we are already using now (even with MK2).

    The problem with it not being fixed for its bugs (like the Studio One ones) remains, therefore I understand your worries

  • JesterMgee
    JesterMgee Member Posts: 2,462 Expert

    I already have a backup but not everyone out there does and links in the forum aren't always easy to find, some users don't frequent the forum ever.

    I'm thinking in terms of needing to revert back easily or 12 months time someone needing to locate the download for 2.x, it would be nice if it was simply listed as an option in NA especially since until (if ever) they improve the browsing and editing experience, those with MK2 keyboards will likely not want to use the new version for some time.

  • laserbeak
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    I preordered an MK3, but this is a low blow.

    Wow. Thanks.

  • DjRenigade
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    I used KK for a long time with my K2000vx as the controller. I picked up a s88mk1 for about 500 used. I use it for a MIDI controller for lots of my gear. I love the light guide but now im afraid that the "new" software in the coming months will not work with it. I have Komplete 14CE Im sure that i will not go with 15 when it comes out. I also have the Maschine MK3 Now, i wonder if AKAI is a better alternative than Native Instruments. I bought a AKAI MPD218 and am blow away with the ease of use and the crazy good software MPC Beats. I am a Windows 11pro 23h2 and all works with it. It is a lot to think about and a new MK3 is crazy priced for an 88 key... #3DaysBefore Hmmmm...

  • Impermanence
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    This is bad news. I do enjoy my MK1. Almost as much as JAM. Both controllers are still in perfect shape.

    @Jeremy_NI Could NI provide tutorial on how to keep working version of KK on Mac. If I understand correctly, I should download and Install ver 2.9.4 on my computer? Can I have 2.9.4 installed and Install newer versions as well, when they are released? Future OS updates can brake everything?

    Please make definitive guide on how to work with EOL junk. Please include both OS.

    We have just one planet. Let’s keep the toys in working condition.

  • EvilDragon
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    You cannot have v2 and v3 installed side by side. This was also the case with KK v1 vs v2. This is also mentioned in the FAQ section at the bottom of Jeremy's opening post.

  • Jeremy_NI
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    You'll be free to use Komplete Kontrol 2.9.4 as long as you want, we put the links in the FAQ.

  • LostInFoundation
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    What about eventually known issues with that frozen version? Will they be fixed?

  • Vocalpoint
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    What "eventually" known issues? (Do you mean "future" things yet to be discovered?)

    It is very clear (to me anyway) from the announcement that 2.9.4 is the last version of KK v2.

    And if there were any showstoppers out there - we would have known about those by now.

    2.9.4 has been out since last May.


  • LostInFoundation
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    You already asked which issue we were talking about and I already linked you the thread were issues with Studio One were reported. You can find the link in my post answering you.

    Yes, it is very clear that 2.9.4 is the last version. Should we accept it and not use all of our NI softwares with S1?

  • Kubrak
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    My thoughts would be, after launching MK1 in 2014, and then MK2 some years later, there's an end-of-life limit to any hardware, and nearly ten years is reasonable.


    Apple does about 3-4 years support, google does four years, and just announced seven ears. Ten years is very much an outlier.

    Well, if one has S-88 MK1 that has costed about 1 000 EUR and still works great? It is not a toy for a year, two...

    For example RME still supports audiointerface Fireface 400 that is in the similar price range like S88. I has been released 2006. They probably still support even older interfaces....

    there is always an end date, but I'd suggest NI won't have made this decision if more than 10% of the market still used MK1.

    Hard to say, what the percentage is. And hard to say how relevant data NI has. For example I have three MK1 keyboards and I always switch off the "user experience" in NI SW. So, the statistics may be inacurate....


    Fortunately I am on Win, not Mac, so current version of KK SW will work for years... But, I guess, the same will happen with Maschine SW, soon .

    I am not going to buy new keyboard just because it is SW obsolete. And for sure I will not replace it by NI one, just because NI does not want to invest in maintaining the drivers.... Why to buy fancy keyboard, if it becomes SW obsolete before it becomes HW obsolete....

    My next keyboard will be simple MIDI one....

  • Kubrak
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    I am almost 100% sure it will also happen to Maschine SW....

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