Why do I keep getting ''Error while trying to synchronize audio & midi'' while using Guitar Rig 6?

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I've been having some very weird error messages and out of time recording issues just while using Guitar Rig 6 Pro in any project I try recording inside of Logic Pro X Version 10.7.9 on my M1 2020 MacBook Pro 16GB RAM 2TB laptop on MacOS Sonoma 14.0 and it's extremely frustrating and annoying all at the same time. I've tried bumping up the I/O Buffer size all the way to 1024 in the ''Audio'' section in my settings in Logic but it doesn't seem to do anything. I am recording my guitar through a Focusrite Solo 3rd Gen Interface with a Sample Rate that says it is at 44.1 kHz with the Clock Source set to Internal that seems to be unchangeable in the Focusrite Control App.

I'll leave here some screenshot I took of the error below and a screenshot of the information from my Scarlett Solo on the FocusRite Control app:

What can I do to fix this issue? Again, this seems to only happen whenever I use Guitar Rig 6 Pro in a project.

Also, I'm hearing a very obnoxious feedback whenever I'm using Guitar Rig 6 Pro in a project too. A constant buzzing sound that doesn't seem to end especially while using distortion settings in Guitar Rig 6 Pro. What's that all about?

Lastly, what is this Mic Mode feature in Logic Pro X? It seems to be interfering with the direct audio I'm trying to record from my Scarlett Interface/guitar and keeps turning on my Microphone on my MacBook Pro while in this ''Standard'' mode as you can see in this Screenshot. Whenever I switch it to ''Voice Isolation'' I can't even hear any audio at all from what I'm trying to record even with the ''I'' symbol turned on next to the "R'' Record button on any track. I just hear dead silence whenever I switch to this ''Voice Isolation'' mode.

Any help is much appreciated.

Thanks in advance



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    The problem here could be you decided to update to Sonoma.

    NI stated it is not supported yet.

    Never a good idea to update Mac OS on launch

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    @AnimeFanAkira I can't seem to find that mic mode setting in Logic on my M1 Macbook on Ventura, it's possible this is a new Sonoma feature and maybe it is the source of the issue, but not sure.

    Let's try to rule out the other factors. Is everything functional in Guitar Rig 6 in standalone?

    If you go in your Audio & MIDI setup, what sample frequency is chosen there for your soundcard? If you set the same frequency than in Logic, does the issue persist? Try everything at 44.1, then 48, any improvement?

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