Using Guitar Rig 6 in Maschine and getting popping noises

fdwy_phto Member Posts: 7 Newcomer

Good morning - recently started to use Guitar Rig 6 in some Maschine projects and some GR presets are resulting in popping noises. I feel like there's CPU overload or something but I'm not sure how to determine this or to correct it. I'm on a fairly powerful Mac Mini with basically nothing else running so it shouldn't be too much. I've never had this issue with any Maschine projects until I started to run some sounds through GR. Note some of the GR presets sound fine but the "busier" ones seem to be problematic.

Is this a buffer setting that I need to adjust?

Thanks in advance, any help is appreciated.


  • LostInFoundation
    LostInFoundation Member Posts: 3,769 Expert

    I would experiment a little bit with buffer size and sample rate settings to see if things get better.

    Are you using Maschine audio interface or an external one?

  • fdwy_phto
    fdwy_phto Member Posts: 7 Newcomer

    Thanks...I am using an external interface mostly. I'm guessing that you are correct and buffer size/sample rate should eliminate this. I'll give it a shot next session.

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