What pedal/foot controller do you use with GR6 or GR7?

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The question is in the title.

What are you using to control GR after Version 5 and since 6 and 7 don't work with Rig Kontrol? Names and model numbers, and where you bought it from...eg, Sweetwater, Amazon, MF, Reverb, etcetera!

I have zero interest in even bothering with GR since RK was ended, but if I can buy a MIDI pedal of any kind that might offer SOME minor amount of dynamics control, then maybe my interest will at least go to 1. 1 is better than zero. "Zed" for all of you in Europe, lol!

Thanks in advance.


  • Gandi
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    Behringer FCB1010

  • BIF
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    Thanks for the tip! I'm looking at it now...

    Edit: This is the least expensive option that also contains not 1...but 2 expression pedals. The biggest drawback (if there is one) is that it doesn't have USB capability...it's just an "old school dumb" controller that has old-school wired MIDI connectivity. That's not a dis, it's just my way of describing it. I'll take this under consideration. 😁

    Does anybody else have suggestions too?

  • Wouter De Muynck
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    I do! I have been using an Xsonic Airstep + an Airstep Lite (https://xsonicaudio.com/pages/airstep). The possibilities are endless and not limited to MIDI controlling audio software. Via the Airstep app you can create 5 presets for whatever purpose.

    I use it only for GR7 (it worked perfectly in GR6/GR5 also btw). I have total of 10 buttons available and there is a possibility to add 2 expression pedals to the Airstep (I added 2 cheap Moog pedals to start with).

    Some scenario's I use:

    • Use note on to send a single MIDI note + velocity to Straylight to initate a drone sound. I use both expression pedals to control the X/Y parameters. You can use the Airstep presets depending on the setup you want to use.
    • I also use Program Changes to switch scenes in Maschine. (In the future firmware of Airstep there will be an option to increase/decrease the PC values with +1/-1.

    It was a challenge to set up, but for me this works great.

  • BIF
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    Thanks! Looking now, and this one looks very powerful.

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