How to make kits run through Battery without actually using Battery

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Ok, i'm just trying to find out something..

For years i'm seeing that when i buy certain Expansions.. a lot of times part of the expansion will require that you use other NI product to run it.. (like Massive, Komplete, Battery 4)

& i've had to pay for other NI things to be able to run NI product that i paid for.. Does that make sense. & i've been using Maschine since Mk1 (and Mikro 1) which i still have thrown up in my closets (i'm up to Mk3 now. got it when it first came out.. don't need to downsize to the + Plus. Lol)

anyway.. there is an expansion that i'm interested in getting.. but it list like this: "50 MASCHINE Kits, 56 BATTERY KITS, 5 MASSIVE presets, 290 Loops, and 480 one-shots" .. i'm basically interested in the Kits. and 56 of the Kits need Battery. which i don't have (i don't need a drum sampler, with all the other Sampling capabilities i already have). So, is there another way to get those sound kits that run through Battery without actually using Battery.. (if you looked at my list of Serials and NI Products, you would see.. i got a lot/including Komplete, Kontackt, Massive and so on). So i'm tired of after paying for NI Product.. then needing to buy other product to run it.. or needing to pay for an update with something i paid for won't run the new updated blah blah blah.. Just trying to stay creative.



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    If I am not mistaking, either 50/56 kits from Maschine or Battery are made with the 290 loops and 480 one-shots that you get as wave file in the pack. The differnce being that Maschine kits can old 16 sounds max when Battery can patch a lot more in a single kit so I guess you'd better study if the Battery workflow would suit your needs more than Maschine

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    i feel what you're saying, but 16 pads of drums sounds, across as many groups as i want to chose to use, is way more than enough. & i don't really like to have all my sounds on a song coming out of one place (kit), because with my workflow, i always want to manipulate how the beat flows and changes. So i prefer to put things in different locations. it also allows me more independence in how i put different hot sauce (Effects, and stuff) in the mix. i don't need to stack all my sounds in one kit.. But again, the bigger issue, is having to pay more money for something i'm not going to make a lot of use of, just because i'm buying an Expansion. With NI's stuff, i've been doing that for years. i also don't like with that, when you bring up your menu in Maschine.. you really can see all your ingredients. you have to go looking and hunting in all those other places where things are hidden. i do it.. but when you want to get cooking, having to looking in all those cabinets is a distraction. Also, i tweak my sounds, but i'm not like a 100% sample based producer. i'm not dependent on Samples (raiding other people's old songs, recorded materials and loops).. i focus on what i hear in my head.. if i hear something out there that i dig, i'll snatch it up.. but that's not my priority. so i don't need to keep paying for things i'm not going to make use of.

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    Greetings NI users. First, I love everything you're doing with your products and innovation. I'm a proud user of the Maschine mk3. I've been on Maschine since the beginning with the mk1. I'm a beatmaker, sampler, and filmmaker. I use Battery 4 for a lot of things. I would love to know if there are any upcoming updates and developments for Battery. We would love to see some new implementations to a perfect system and make it great.

    Please make Battery (5) Great Again!

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