Add dual mono for all compressors

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Hello, I'm a new user here, don't know if this is an appropriate place for a FR.

In Guitar Rig, heads, cabs and distortion pedals are all dual mono capable. This is very convenient for dual mono double-tracked DI guitars on a stereo track - you don't need two instances of Guitar Rig, just one and all settings are shared while the sound is processed separately.

The problem are compressors, many of them are not dual mono capable. Some of them are, by means of an "unlink" switch within the module, but none of them is on a module level like the heads are.

It would be very nice to have also all compressors dual mono, like module types mentioned above are. They all affect dynamics. At the moment, there is only a workaround with AB splitter. This also seems like a design inconsistency to me.



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    Hey @bFooz Unfortunately there are no plans to add the dual mono feature to the existing compressors that don't have it.

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    Thanks for the info.

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