Pressing SETUP crashes the S61 mk2 and/or the NI Mac driver

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I want to adjust the Velocity Scaling parameter and have two issues.

  1. If I press the SETUP button on my S61 mk2, the device locks up. Further, after power cycling, the S61 still will not connect to the Mac. I have to restart the Mac in order to recover. I suspect the S61 driver is crashing, so there may be a simpler way to recover, but either way this should be fixed by NI.
  2. Page 78 of this PDF says I should also be able to change the Velocity Scaling from the KK preferences view, but I do not see a Hardware tab in my software even though the device is definitely connected (I can change light colors, for example). (had to tweak link due to NI preventing me from posting links).

Any ideas?



  • JesterMgee
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    The link to the manual is for the MK1 so not everything is the same between the 2 keyboards, that is one thing that is not, the setting has to be done on the keyboard.

    What macOS version are you running?

    What Komplete Kontrol version are you running?

    Is everything as up to date as possible?

  • Dagnabbit
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    I'm running v12.6 Monterey. KK version is 2.9.4, which Native Access says is the latest.

    Thanks for the point about that being for the MK1.

    The SETUP screen does appear and there is a setting that seems to be for the Velocity, which is set to Linear, but it locks up the S61 before you have a chance to change it, and then the Mac driver seems in a bad state.

    The root of the problem I am trying to solve is that playing sounds into the DAW, they come out way too quiet. I have to practically pound the keyboard.

  • Dagnabbit
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    edited September 26

    So actually, I just tried running KK standalone and pressed SETUP. It didn't crash this time! I was able to play with the Velocity settings!

    I will try again tomorrow to see if maybe it was only crashing when run from inside the DAW.

    I was also confused by the Soft vs Hard labels. I though Hard would mean it plays the keys with higher velocity, even with little pressure, but the Soft settings are much higher velocity.

  • JesterMgee
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    Soft/hard basically details the force needed to trigger a high velocity. So Soft means you hit the keys softly and it will have a wide dynamic range where Hard means you have to really hammer the keys to get the same range.

    What is the DAW and are you loading KK as an AU or VST3? Either way it sounds like possibly the plugin has an issue accessing the setup of the keyboard maybe.

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