Previous versions of recently updated Kontakt libraries / compatibility with K6 older libraries



  • Calagan
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    Maybe we need to adress some note to the new NI owners (and product strategists) : this mess actually doesn't give us (users/customers) any will to invest more into the Native Instrument ecosystem.

    The best strategy to anyone using NI products should be to keep whatever they use at the present state, and do whatever is possible not to update/change anything. I wanted to buy something for the Black Friday (the Flux mallet), but I'm actually doing my best to find a better alternative that is not Kontakt or at least not NI.

    I was also thinking about updating Kontakt (I use actually Kontakt 6), but there's no easy way to go from K6 to K7 in Ableton Live so it's a HUGE work to go through each Live set and replace K6 with K7 (especially that I already did that 3 years ago, and they may release K8 in few months with very tiny evolution and huge mess to update sessions). Someone here had the idea to transfer a patch from K6 to K7 in a similar way than Tokyo Dawn Labs plugins (a simple copy/paste between plugin instances) but I doubt very much NI will listen or do anything in this direction. And finally, K7 has actually mixed reviews, so nothing that is happening now gives us confidence in spending more money with NI.

    The head team need to wake up and see that they are killing their own business.

  •  cloodstool
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    Even if everything works with the free version of Kontakt it is unacceptable, as project files that used Kontakt 6 are now completely broken. Thankfully I don't have any critical deadline at this instant, but I doubt everyone can say the same.

    Native Instruments, please add an option to revert back to the previous version of libraries in Native Access.

  • darkogav
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    their change was reverted yesterday. all my old K6 projects work fine now.

  •  cloodstool
    cloodstool Member Posts: 6 Member

    That's good to hear, but mine still say my version of Kontakt is too old to load an instrument.

  •  cloodstool
    cloodstool Member Posts: 6 Member

    Reinstalled Kontakt 6 and restarted both Native Access and my computer, no change.

    Tried reinstalling a small library (Ethereal Earth) but it still chooses the latest version (2.1.0) rather than the one that was compatible with K6 (2.0.2)

  • ronan
    ronan Member Posts: 2 Newcomer

    some links worked, others done a download and didnt resolve the issue and some others are unavailable to download. please respond i cant use the plugins i payed for

  • jbrpc2
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    Mac OS Ventura v13.4.1, Logic Pro v10.7.9, Kontakt v7.6.0

    Just downloaded Complete 14. When I load Ashlight thru Kontakt 7, everything works fine. When I try to load Ethereal Earth thru Kontakt 7 It tells me "Your version of Kontakt is too old to load this file. Please update to the latest version." 

    I am confused. Is there a later version of Kontakt 7 than I am using?

  • ronan
    ronan Member Posts: 2 Newcomer

    is there anything your supposed to do after downloading? stilll not working

  • Emmanuel Rojas
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    I'm missing "Twenty Five" in this list, help!

  • Tom Auger
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    I also had issues with Ethereal Earth because of the external SSD issue, but it wasn't too hard to manually copy the content folder over to my SSD (replacing the old library content that was there previously).

    This article should help you: if you scroll it tells you what all the default install locations are. This is where the installers that don't let you retarget install locations put the files:,These%20are%20the%20default%20locations%20for%20macOS%20and%20Windows%3A,%3A%20%3E%20Program%20Files%20%3E%20Native%20Instruments

    My issue is that it's not working with Ashlight (v 1.5.0). Don't know why. I've reinstalled a bunch of times but still that error even after I manually rescan with Kontakt 6.8.0

  • Michael Groarke
    Michael Groarke Member Posts: 23 Member

    Yikes! I'm trying to digest this thread while on the verge of purchasing an update to Komplete 14 Ultimate. I have been working with Kontakt Player 6 and the libraries that come with Komplete 11 Ultimate. Am I right to conclude that I should leave things as they are (at least for now) because an upgrade will be a disaster? Is anyone having a positive experience with the latest software? (Komplete 14 and Kontakt 7)

    OS 13 Ventura

    Digital Performer 11

  • dexl
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    edited November 2023

    Judging from all the catastropies being described here, wait until NI irons things out.

  • siberuang
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    I was able to find a workaround by opening an old project that already has kontakt 6 loaded with the plugin and resaving them as a new .nki (for example I just saved it as Ethereal Earth (Kontakt 6).nki). I can then load it in Kontakt 6 on a new project. Can't Native Instrument just provide the .nki files with an update (so each VST would have a regular .nki file for Kontakt 7 and a "Plugin name (Kontakt 6).nki" version) or provide .nki links here so we can just put them in each folder instead of downloading the whole thing? I've missed 2 deadlines because of this 😓

  • Migz
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    I've run in to a quite strange issue from this

    After updating all my software to the latest version, it appears that Kontakt believes many of my old libraries were on a version that does not exist. I'm unsure what to do here.

  • Michael Groarke
    Michael Groarke Member Posts: 23 Member

    There is a post in the community about this very issue. Based on the fact that you wrote "a version that does not exist" I am thinking you are not on Kontakt 7.7.2 (the current version from what I can tell)

    This may be because you are using an older version of Native Access. The current version of Native Access is 3.7.0

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