Guitar Rig 7 Impulse Responses Not Loading

BobR Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

I have some custom IRs that I want to use in Guitar Rig 7, however they will not load into the IR loader. These IRs work in every other hardware and software application that I have tried, but not in the Guitar Rig 7 IR loader. Any ideas on why they are not loading?



  • Eddie_NI
    Eddie_NI Product Team Posts: 258 mod

    Hi @BobR ,

    could you please send me one of these IRs in a direct message? (If the forum does not allow the file type just put it in a zip file). Without looking at the files it's very hard to tell why they are not loading. We have tested the Cabinet IR Loader with lots of IRs and haven't seen any trouble yet.



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